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Helping children and adolescents overcome anxiety and be their very best


Beat Anxiety

Is your child held back by worries, fears or anxiety? Utilizing the evidence-based approach of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), your child will learn how to break down the barriers that anxiety imposes and begin to feel empowered and liberated.

Understand yourself Better

An assessment as well as counselling can offer insight into your child's abilities, strengths and areas that we can improve upon.  Better insight leads to better outcomes.




Everyone has potential and learning to unlock it leads to a happier and more fulfilled life. Whether it is in the area of personal growth, improving interpersonal relationships, enhancing performance in academics, sports, music, performing arts, optimizing our potential is possible through goal-setting, visualization and specific actions.


Dr. Tally


For over 20 years, Dr. Tally Bodenstein-Kales C.Psych., has been helping children,adolescents and families dare to be their best! She is fondly referred to by her clients as Dr. Tally.

Whether it’s child development issues, learning and attention difficulties, behaviour challenges, anxiety or simply one’s desire to unlock one’s potential, Dr. Tally approaches her work with authenticity, dedication and competence.

Dr. Tally is a registered psychologist in the province of Ontario, holding a Ph.D in Psychology.  She has extensive experience working in hospitals, schools and private practice.

Dr. Tally has worked at the Hospital for Sick Kids and the Toronto District School Board delivering direct Psychological services as well as consultation to parents and teachers.

Articles by Dr.Tally

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