Signs of Difficulty in Children's Coping & Adjustment:

Many children experience various symptoms at different stages in their lives that are quite typical in normal child development.  However, in some cases, coping and adjustment difficulties become significant and deserve to be addressed when they interfere with and impair the functioning of the child and/or the family.  If left unaddressed, these difficulties can result in behavioural problems, damaged self-esteem, conflict in the family, and underachievement at school. 

Some behavioural and emotional signs of coping difficulties in children and adolescents are as follows:

  • Difficulties going to bed, falling and staying asleep, bed wetting, nightmares


  • Poor listening and attention skills and difficulties following directions


  • Difficulties concentrating or understanding concepts in the classroom


  • Resistance or avoidance to going to school and doing homework


  • Separation anxiety (crying, clinging, temper tantrums)


  • Disinterest in school and lack of motivation


  • Poor self-esteem and lack of confidence


  • Peer and socialization difficulties


  • Social or emotional immaturity


  • Fatigue and lack of energy


  • Anger and aggression


  • Irritability, hyperactivity