​​​​​​​​​Dr. Tally provides comprehensive assessment and intervention to parents and children who are facing various adjustment, coping and learning challenges.

     These Services Include:

  • Psychological and psycho-educational assessment and diagnostic services


  • School and child management consultation regarding development, behavioural and learning issues


  • School placement and educational consultation in relation to the child's learning style and abilities


  • Social skills training


  • Guidance regarding learning strategies and study skills


  • Specific academic remediation adjusted to the students need


  • Post-secondary education and career planning


  • Individual and family counselling

Helping Your Child Overcome

  • Fear, phobia, anxiety


  • Learning difficulties, underachievement and lack of motivation


  • Concentration and attention challenges


  • Hyperactivity, impulsivity, defiance, anger


  • Sadness, low self-esteem


  • Social skills and peer relationship problems

  • Evidence-based solutions for life challenges

  • Optimizing Children & adolescents intellectually, emotionally and socially

Intervention, Assessments, Consultations

Intervention sessions are 60 minutes in duration.  They involve an initial meeting with parents (or guardians) to identify and discuss concerns and outline goals and treatment plan.

Intervention sessions may result in further discussions held privately with the child or adolescent in order to involve them in their own progress and development.

An assessment is comprised of both interview and formal testing of the child.  Duration of the assessment sessions vary but typically involve several hours and several meetings.

Discussions held in psychological sessions are private and confidential.  Information cannot be released to other people without client consent.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Dr. Tally by clicking the Contact button.

​​​​Services For Children, adolescents and families