Medico-Legal Services

  • Assessment and treatment for children, adolescents and adults involved in motor vehicle accidents and other legal matters (e.g., birth injury, work injury, etc) are provided by Dr. Bodenstein-Kales and experienced associates.


  • The purpose of a medico-legal assessment is to determine the impact of the truama/injury on the individual's level of normal daily living and assess probable future impact of the injury on the individual's life. 


  • Independent assessments pertaining to injury/trauma are conducted to develop a treamtent plan with the goal of helping the individual resume a pre-injury level of functioning. 


  • Treatment involves working with injured individuals on psychological and behavioural strategies to help them return to a normal level of functioning and to cope with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, sleep distruptions and other symptoms that typically occur after a trauma or accident.        


  • Referrals are accepted from injured individuals (self-referrals), physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, case managers, lawyers, insurance companies


  • Fees for injury-related treatment is typically covered by third party insurance companies.